First of all ADITYAM is a human encounter. The encounter with the other, the meeting of two individuals engaged in a personal and spiritual development path. It is the meeting of Alexandra Grayo, masseuse and Stephane Colliege, Yoga teacher and herbalist. From this meeting has emerged the idea to combine their talents by combining Yoga, Massage and all forms of natural approach, including food and herbalism, all assets that improve the quality of life in a quest for wellness.

Their mission is to enable each individual to disconnect from the daily routine and to reconnect with oneself and one's profound essence… Taking care of oneself naturally thanks to the practice of Yoga, body treatments such as massages (traditional Thai, warm oil massages, energetic and ayurvedic massages) and a balanced vegetarian diet, all in a quiet environment, pledge of serenity.

In that perspective, ADITYAM organizes workshops and retreats combining Yoga and Massages, in places closed to the Nature,  and respectful of the environment.