In its approach of massage, ADITYAM offers different techniques to meet your needs. Whether you just need to relax, release the tendon-muscle tensions, eliminate toxins, or to do a deeper work on yourself such as trauma, our holistic approach is to offer you a customized approach.


It is a fusion of several massage practices using the pressures found in the traditional thai massage and smoothing found in most relaxing massage. It is a de-stressing massage that aims to release tensions and allowing a deep physical relaxation emphasizing areas often blocked by stress tensions, poor postures, lack of sleep and sports. This massage can be the beginning of a body awareness as a whole. It may be the shutter and assistance for better hygiene of life. This massage also works well on the physical and physiological aspect of the body. It aims to reduce pains and tensions, it relaxes the muscles and helps releasing toxins. It relaxes and promotes relaxation and wellbeing. It helps to fight against stress, anxiety and depression flicks. It promotes sleep, removes fatigue, improves digestion and enables a better blood, lymphatic and energetic circulation.


Thai massage helps to gain (or regain) a physical harmony and mental relaxation. This massage is practiced on the floor on a futon. without oil. The receiver is dressed with loose and comfortable clothes. Thai massage is a mixture of muscle kneading, acupressure, reflexology and is inspired by Yoga postures. The protocol usually starts with the feet and ends with a reflexology of the skull and face. The technique uses the hands, forearms, elbows, feet and knees. Special attention is given to breathing fostering a meditative state in order to let go.


This massage could be called the "accompanying massage" in difficult times of an individual. (bereavement, divorce, depression, burn-out ...). It is important that the person poses an intention before the massage in order to work on the areas of the body where the repressed emotions could crystallize. This is a gentle enveloping and relaxing massage allowing a total letting go. First of all it is a relationship of trust that installs. More the receiver surrenders to the experience, the more she/he can open up her/his heart to her/his own essence. Body care is closely linked to soul's care. This massage will help the receiver to repossess her/his body, to contact her/his deepest essence, to have a retreat from the trials of life through which she/he passes and regain confidence and to regain a new momentum as a second breath.


Ayurvedic massage is an Indian massage that follows the tradition of Ayurveda or Science of Life. It is an energetic massage with warm oils. It can be practiced at a defined frequency regarding the Ayurvedic constitution of the receiver. Abhyanga consists in an outer oleation of the whole body. It is performed with large circular motions. Rubbing hands on the body facilitates the penetration of warm oils through the pores of the skin. It is possible, in this massage, to use oils in which have macerated plants. Ayurvedic massage also finding its effectiveness in the choice of oils used regarding the constitution of the receiver.

The Abhyanga massage is relaxing and rejuvenating. It improves skin completion, tones muscle tissues, stimulates circulation of body fluids, stimulates the nervous system, lubricates the joints, improves the digestive fire and appetite, improves sleep quality, facilitates the elimination of toxins and decreases the formation of wrinkles.