ADITYAM is first of all a human encounter, the encounter with the other. The encounter of two individuals engaged in a personal and spiritual development path. It is the meeting of Alexandra Grayo, masseuse and Stephane Colliege, Yoga teacher and herbalist. From this meeting has emerged the idea to combine their talents and found ADITYAM, a combination of Yoga, massage and all natural approaches (including food and herbalism) to offer urban citizens a real opening to a new way of taking care of themselves and reconnect with nature which they belong in the perspective of wellness. To this end, together they organize retreats and workshops in Eco-responsible places, respectful of the environment.

Alexandra Grayo is thai-french.

In lineage of the family tradition, she worked for ten years alongside her mother in the direction of her Parisian Thai Massage Instituts. Tired of a stressful urban life, in 2006 Alexandra followed a traditional Thai massage training in Paris and decides to dedicate herself to massage. She first provided her services in various Parisian luxury hotels (Shangri-La, George V, Queen's Hall, Burgundy, Madeleine Hyatt, Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, ..), to name a few. 

Afterwards, wishing to work in teams and develop a relational monitering with her customers, in 2014 she joined the Ken Club SPA team composed of Osteopaths and Physiotherapists ; and the SPA Klay, high Parisian sports club range, where she essentially meets a stressed business clientele.

Alexandra practices massage table with warm oils, from feet up to the hairline. Her approach is the result of the harmonious combination of different techniques such as traditional Thai massage, using pressure points and stretching, Thai massage with oils, Balinese massage, as well as work on the meridians for a better flow of energies.

Thanks to this combination, Alexandra's massage can relax both body and mind. It is a rejuvenating massage that works in depth and eases muscle tensions (known as Trigger points), which may result from intense sports training. In addition, her massage facilitates recovery after exercising by stimulating blood and lymph circulation and eliminate toxins. It improves sleep quality, stimulates the integumentary tissues, beautifies the complexion and improves skin elasticity.
In her global approach, Alexandra is interested in "Vegan" and gluten-free food, as diet is a fundamental part of the lifestyle. 

Eager to educate her customers about the importance of letting go and of improving their quality of life in order to reduce stress, Alexandra also provides her services during workshops and wellness retreats close to nature, combining Yoga, Massages and vegetarian food.


Stephane practiced various martial sports from 13 to24. In 1997, he discovered Hatha Yoga in Paris. This is a revelation. Looking for a spiritual and a little more dynamic practice than Hatha Yoga, he turned to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and follows this teaching for 3 years at Samasthiti Paris studio until the early 2000s. He deepened his knowledge and practice at Surya Paris in the lineage of Krishnamacharya and other Masters of India, exploring the study of Iyengar method based on the alignments and the Indian tradition (TKV Desikashar , Swami Satyananda Saraswati and Niranjanananda Saraswati (BSY), Muktananda, Sri Ramana Maharshi, ...). In parallel, he studied Qi Gong and the Hun Yuan Tai Chi Chuan in the lineage of Master Feng Zhiqiang.

In 2003 he began teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga alongside Stephane Chollet, as an assistant in the courses, in the management of Surya Paris and organizing retreats in India and Mexico. In 2005, Stephane left France for a first experience of working and living in Canada, after which he moved there to teach full time. In 2010, he founded Surya Montreal and organized various Yoga retreats and Master Classes (in Canada and South India). He had the chance to lead workshops on the occasion of Canadian alternative festivals, such as "Space Gathering", "Heal Your Mind" and "Open Mind Festival".

Since his return to France in late 2013, Stephane teaches in Paris (at the Espace Sattva Yoga and Tigre Yoga Club) and attended a intensive Ayurvedic training in Kerala (Ayurveda & Panchakarma School - Kannur) in ayurvedic massage and nutrition. In addition, since 2010 Stephane has been studying herbalism and aromatherapy (Herboliste Academy - Montreal).
Recently, he has been giving herbalism workshops to teach how to make natural remedies with plants, such as, for example, preparing massage oils or balms.

Since 1997, Stephane has travelled to India to draw from the source, to feed both his practice and his teaching. In his global approach, he helps his students in the knowledge of themselves via body work such as Yoga postures or asana and breathing. He also guides them in the development of their feelings and listening, so they can be more in the present moment with self-respect, in order to be able to get more serene, beyond the space of their Yoga mat, so they can thrive in the prime of life.
In that perspective, Stephane animates Workshops in eco-responsible places closed to the Nature.
A natural and simple way to reconnect with oneself and the great All.