A big thank you to Stephane Colliege for this retreat in Greece, where he created a course suitable for all the represented levels. He showed us several yoga techniques combined with an approach of Ayurveda. The courses were very enriching and allowed a progression throughout the week.
Bravo for the upstream preparation, which enabled a great harmony and quality of the teachings during this stay.
The icing on the cake... professionalism and sympathy were at the rendez-vous at both aspects teaching and socializing. Excellent teacher and very friendly group during this week.
— Sylvie M.
Stephane Colliege taught Yoga to a team of 12 people at the Hyatt Regency Montreal from 2010 to 2011. He is a professor of integrity, dedicated and meticulous in his work, punctual and showed an exemplary professionalism. The group withdrew a very positive experience of the classes given during this period.
— Anne-Marie C.
The gradual approach proposed by Stephane in the morning with increasing difficulty day after day allowed me to better understand and practice the asanas more accurately during the afternoon. Diverse and varied, his teaching was cheerful, professional and very prepared; his availability, his explainations the many facets of this complex philosophy, his desire to create a group dynamic, his kindness and good humor have enabled this course to be a personal daily source of enrichment and leaves me a bright memory!
Thank you Stephane!
Two thumbs up!
— Catherine C. G.
An inspiring teacher ...
A high quality teaching, two hours alternating dynamic Vinyasa practice in the morning, with softer and soothing practices like Yin or Nidra in the late afternoon.
Stephane was able to offer courses tailored to all levels from beginners to very experienced, without any disturbance during the sessions.
A beautiful energy in the group, really rich and happy encounters and exchanges.
A true delight...
— Karine D.
After a massage with Alexandra, I felt a bit like on a cloud. I slept in one sitting. Thank you for this massage. We feel that Alexandra has the technique and experience. We also feel the attention and the positive energy she brings to it.
— Isabelle M.
Alexandra’s magician hands have done me a world of good to the body and the soul!
Thank you!
— Clémence
Stephane Colliege gave Yoga courses on the lunch hour at the Pharmacy Faculty of the University of Montreal. This professor is extremely competent. He was greatly appreciated by all the students. He is an attentive teacher at the level of performance of his students in order to minimize the risk of injuries and always ensures that the practice is done in the best conditions, while promoting an evolution for each of us.
— Chantal P.